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Are you a engaged and on the look out for Bohemian DIY wedding ideas that pop with endless colour? Do you love DIY so much that ‘craft’ is your middle name and your other love is the hot glue gun? Well W+P readers, you’ve met your bridal match! This week we take a look at the real wedding of Hayley+Scott – an awe-inspiring and oh so colourful Australian waterfront wedding planned in only 6 months! Be prepared for some serious Bohemian DIY wedding ideas and colour-pop WEDspiration. From handmade decorations, home made wedding cakes, right down to the Bride’s ombre died wedding gown…. Hayley (a graphic designer) and Scott (a massage therapist) from Sydney first met in true Aussie fashion down at the […]

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DIY wedding flowers: A planning + budgeting guide in collaboration with Hollow Meadows Flowers

Last week we brought you the real wedding of Jenny + Will, set in the breathtaking mountain tops of a Colorado forest. A beautiful rustic wedding lovingly prepared by two lovers, and their family and friends. With DIY wedding flowers and bouquets that looked so professional, you would off never guessed they were made by the same bride holding them! Because just like us, Jenny + Will decided to take the wedding florist challenge into their bare hands. This week we’ve teamed up with Rachel from Hollow Meadows Flowers as we give our local flower growers & florists a bridal nod of appreciation and pick up some sound DIY wedding flowers advice in the process! Why we chose to take […]

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W+P are thrilled to share this week’s real wedding of Jenny + Will – A picturesque mountain woodland wedding set in the stunning forest surroundings of Colorado! Jenny a nursing major & Will a interdisciplinary major and budding photographer first met 2.5 years ago at their college in Oklahoma. Originating from Arizona and Colorado respectfully, if it wasn’t for their education, they would of never crossed paths! Not shy of hard work and being exposed to full the cost of weddings, Will also worked part time at a coffee shop while studying and balancing his growing wedding photography business to save up for their own special day in the future. After witnessing Jenny quote every single line from […]

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Spring is in the air! Recreate a Natural Springtime Bridal look with Julia Jeckell – Hair & Make Up artist

Whether your wedding is in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, a Spring wedding is always a good idea! After what seemed like an eternal winter, sunshine and warm weather is forecast to be coming to the UK. So in celebration of our upcoming weeks of Vitamin D bliss, I’ve teamed up with Julia Jeckell – UK based Hair & Make Up artist and her talented collective to arm our W+P B2B’s with the Wedspiration to recreate the perfect Natural Springtime Bridal Look for this years wedding season! Natural light shines through the windows of The Gage Gallery in this stunning ‘Springtime’ shoot styled by Anna Straw from Anna’s Attic. Foliage and fresh Gypsophila made by local florist Moss and Clover bring an English Garden vibe to the industrial […]

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A name change isn’t a game changer – How Grief made me cherish my maiden name and why it’s here to stay…for now!


More and more people are opting for a name change after marriage with a record 85,000 new names registered in 2015 by  deed poll in the UK. With the cost of weddings only increasing, couples are taking on each others names to mark their love and commitment as an alternative to walking down the expensive aisle!  As an excited B2B, one of the things I looked forward to the most was to stand side by side with my Dad as I took my final steps as a unmarried woman, embarking on my new life with my gorgeous Husband to be. But sadly just four months before our wedding, the Father of the Bride was handed a new role from […]

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ELOPEMENT- A term often used to refer to a marriage conducted in sudden and secretive fashion, usually involving a hurried flight away from one’s place of residence together with one’s beloved with the intention of getting married. What do you get when 2 photographers meet, fall in love & step in front of the camera for a change? You get a world-wind romance that leads to a breathtakingly beautiful Hawaiian Elopement! Say Aloha to this weeks Real Wedding of Averie + Mel as they share their love story in pictures…. Mel from NYC and Averie from Sydney had never met but shared one thing in common – they were both hip hop photographers…but they lived on the opposite side of the world. […]

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We at Wendy + Peter have noticed that there’s been some serious shapes being pulled at weddings recently…and their not just coming from the dance floor! Yes people, Geometric wedding decor is THE 2017 wedding styling trend to watch! And judging by our Instagram & Pinterest feeds, it looks like this new trend is going to stand the bridal test of time! In our shape quest we stumbled across the South African wedding of Phumzile & Stian. We were in awe as we explored their reception space, where minimalist patterns & symmetric shapes blended foliage & greenery. Softened by nature & complimented by subtle pops of colour, this wedding created the perfect styled marriage of breathtaking naturalist elegance. THE […]


An unconventional bride & her 3 dresses – Top wedding gown buying tips in collaboration with MaudiKa

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been obsessed with wedding dress shops. To my 5 year old brain, it was THE place you became a Princess. But for this head strong budding shopaholic to be told that those doors were shut until a ring was put on my finger….was a concept I was SOOO not down with. But alas I waited patiently and when the time finally came, I loved the experience so much I found ‘the one’ not once, but three times! With a few bumps and exciting hurdles along the way, I soon realised that my experience was shaping up to involve more ‘unconventional bride’ moments than childhood princess fantasies. So it was important that I […]

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CATHERINE & SARAH: Black cabs & Soho lights – An intimate London winter wedding

As we reflect on the last week’s tragic events that took place in our beloved city of London, the messages that that seem to cut through our heartbreak are ones of solidarity and love. So we feel there’s  no greater time to introduce our readers to this week’s Real Wedding of Catherine and Sarah. Who, with the help of some famous London backdrops, black cabs and the fabulous community of Soho take us on a ride as we explore their stunning intimate London winter wedding attended by only 5 guests! Catherine a freelancer working in the Film industry and Sarah, an Engagement manager for a Headhunting search firm first met online in 2009. Catherine a Northern lass who was new to London, decided […]


Been too busy planning to go? Here’s the best London wedding supplier picks from this year’s National Wedding Show

Wedding shows are a fantastic way to bring your squad together while getting to know an array of suppliers (and inevitably their discounts!) in one conveniently, pimped up decorated booth location. But their not for everyone! ‘The crowds are too big’, ‘You’re not paying attention’, ‘That’s it I’ve had enough i’m coming back with your mother!‘ Those were the passing comments Annie from W+P picked up before she had even walked through the London NWS’s main doors! So we’ve taken a hit for the team & done the hard work for you sifting through the aisle’s of over 250 stalls to find the best London wedding suppliers so you don’t have to! So if your natural habitat is […]

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