5 Reasons Why Lifting Heavy Weights *Won’t* Make You Bulk Up

Shutting down that argument, once and for all—with science. Photo: Shutterstock Finally, the women’s weightlifting revolution is building momentum. (Didn’t you see Sarah Robles win bronze for the U.S. at the Rio Olympics?) More and more women are picking up barbells and dumbbells, increasing their strength and power, and banding together because of it. But even with […]

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6 Scary Mud Run Dangers to Watch Out For

  • December 18, 2018
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Scrapes and bruises aside, mud run competitions can expose your body to bacterial infections, deadly injuries, and other unsuspecting dangers Corbis Images You may think you’re hardcore enough for a Tough Mudder, and maybe you could manage to make it through a mud run course mostly unscathed, but there are other dangers out there on […]


How to Ride Harder and Faster In Spin Class

  • December 17, 2018
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Some simple tips to up your indoor cycling game As a former indoor cycling instructor at Flywheel Sports, I was often asked if riding faster or with more resistance is better. Really, you need both to get lean and firm (and you should also incorporate this trick). I know it sounds easier said than done, but […]

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Instead of helping, these common exercise cues could be setting you up for injury. Learn the proper way to work out once and for all Jessica Matthews Shoulder Press 1 OF 9 ALL PHOTOS Common tip: Keep your elbows out to the sides. Why it’s bad: The shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint. During an overhead press, the […]

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We’re wrapping up 2015 on a high note and celebrating with a brand new look for Shape.com! Jump on the fresh-start bandwagon with us, and dominate 2016 with some of our fave fitspo quotes Turn On Beast Mode 1 OF 11 ALL PHOTOS Oops! Guess you didn’t know your own strength. Just kidding, you totally […]

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Getting fitter isn’t just about working harder in the gym—it’s also about doing the right things the rest of the time. h, Restore, Reenergize 1 OF 6 ALL PHOTOS As hard as you might crush a workout, the real labor happens on the days you don’t sweat. “When you exercise, your muscles undergo microtrauma. Afterward, what are […]

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8 Tricks to Make Weight Training More Effective

8 Tricks to Make Weight Training More Effective Get more out of every rep—without doing any more work! Charlotte Hilton Andersen           Count in Another Language 1 OF 8 ALL PHOTOS 10, 9, 8… blastoff to better biceps? As reported in the March issue of SHAPE, researchers found that using a […]

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20 Ways to Make Your Favorite Moves More Effective

20 Ways to Make Your Favorite Moves More Effective Give your workout a makeover to get better results faster. Jessica Smith           Instead of: Squats Try This: Step It Up Squat 1 OF 20 ALL PHOTOS Squats are a great exercise for toning your glutes, but if you really want to […]

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  • December 11, 2018
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7 Small Changes You Can Make Every Day for Flatter Abs Spoiler: The secret to flatter abs isn’t 1,000 crunches or starving yourself By Janet Lee | Nov 11, 2016 Topics: abs exercises, weight gain           Habits for Flatter Abs 1 OF 8 ALL PHOTOS Whether the goal is to trim down for […]

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  • December 10, 2018
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Why You Get Dizzy When You Work Out Dizziness, blurred vision, or lightheadedness when you exercise can be alarming (not to mention a detriment to your workout). Here’s what might be causing it and how to prevent it in the future. By Sophie Dweck | Feb 10, 2017 Topics: fitness tips           Shutterstock […]