Kettleman City: A spate of serious birth defects has alarmed this small central California town. Affected residents have retained Lee & Fields, APC to represent them. 9492772753


Class Action NEWS

Class Action Certified January 22, 2010 Lymburner v. U.S. Financial Funding, Inc.

Lee and Fields, APC is proud to announce the certification of their 1st national class action. Edward Lee and Christopher Fields, along with co-counsel Jeffrey Berns and David Arbogast of Arbogast & Berns and Bryan Kabatek and Richard Kellner of Kabatek Brown & Kellner, were appointed as class counsel in Northern District of California Case No. C-08-00325 EDL. More.


Lee & Fields, a professional law practice located in the heart of Los Angeles, is committed to providing quality legal service in the fields of Civil/Business Litigation, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury as well as a growing entertainment law division. With a statewide presence, Lee & Fields takes pride in their honest and diligent work ethic and their responsiveness to client queries and concerns.

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Civil litigation
as opposed to a criminal prosecution, involves a dispute between two or more people or businesses, usually over money. Breach of Contract and Personal injury are examples of disputes that, if taken to court, are referred to as “Civil Litigation” matters. Lee & Fields excel at proactive lawyering, anticipating opposing counsel’s strategy, and zealously advocating on your behalf. Ed and Chris keep you in the loop, giving you the information necessary to make the correct decisions affecting your case.Criminal Defense
When you are accused of a crime, you face the terrible possibility of going to jail with life affecting consequences. A good attorney can provide you with a reality check, a knowledgeable, objective perspective on your situation and what is likely to happen should your matter go to trial. With over 15 years of experience between them, Ed and Chris understand the process and will fight on your behalf. Best of all, they are accessible and responsive in your time of greatest need.

Personal injury

An area of law designed to compensate you for the negligence, recklessness, malpractice, or inaction of others. As the injured party, you may be entitled to receive damages for loss of income, pain and suffering, emotional distress, permanent disability, and other resulting injuries. Unfortunately, the current system does not make it easy to file a claim on your own behalf and expect to be dealt with fairly by the insurance companies. The reality is that you need an attorney, one with the knowledge and expertise to go head to head with the insurance companies. Lee & Fields have that ability. They will give you their honest and realistic opinion as to the worth of your claim and your probability of success.


The Law Firm of Lee & Fields is a nationally renowned entertainment law firm well versed in media law matters.

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