Welcome to Backbone Industries Inc.

An idea whose time has come.

For far too long truck owners have been forced into sacrificing the looks of their rig to gain the utility of a rack system. No more. Introducing BACKBONE, a modular, customizable, and expandable rack and rail system that is all about combining utility, quality and freedom of expression. Colors, milled options, blacked out, led lighting, sliding tie-downs, bed rails, headache racks, ladder racks etc............. BACKBONE has it . All aluminum, all over-built, and all American made. When we created BACKBONE we refused to compromise, and now, you don't have to either. So go ahead..... throw your truck a BONE!

Products Overview

Quality, without compromise

Style - Uncompromising, no apologies, straight-
up style. Backbone has it all. Colors, finishes, custom logos, lighting options, milled accents…
and the list goes on. Let your imagination run wild,
then give us a call and we’ll make it real.
Utility - Sure it looks good, but does it work? You bet,
It works for you at work, and just as hard at play. Haul your timber, your ladder, haul your tools. Strap in your four wheeler, dirt bike, and canoe. Backbone racks are built to work with you, not against you, and look good doing it.
Durability - Quarter-inch, Rockwell 75, Tig Welded, 6063 T-5…. These are just a few of the ingredients in our rack that indicate a certain level of quality. And the quality we put in, relates directly to the durability you get out. We start with solid, proven materials, put them together right, and you end up with a product that stands up. And, let's face it, nothing stands up like a Backbone