NetView Applications

NetView Applications are available separately. NetView is the browser-based generation of the classic HBS Systems software that is regularly available in character-based form. Call your HBS Systems Sales Representative at 800-376-6376 to learn more about NetView.

HBS Windows Software Installation Center is a standard feature on the Dealer Management System. This page provides the Win-ECLIPSE utility to automatically keep the PC Client software up to date. The latest ComLink software, Parts Cataloging Interface software and more is available under Win-ECLIPSE.


ECLIPSE Dealer Portal is exclusively for HBS Systems Dealer Management Systems users. This Internet-based website provides instant access to an online Knowledge Base, Frequently-Asked Questions, Account Information, Update Information and much, much more. Available 24/7, 365 Days a year. A user name and password is required to gain access.

ECLIPSE Updates configuration page provides necessary information for the automatic Internet-based ECLIPSE update processes. ePrice, eWare, eNotes and Win-ECLIPSE use this information, including e-mail addresses, to keep your system continuously updated with the very latest software and price book information.

eCustomer Gateway

eCustomer Gateway software is designed for dealership customers, allowing access to parts ordering, account information, online invoice access and more. eCustomer Gateway is an optional package, call your HBS Systems Sales Representative at 800-376-6376 to learn more about this product.