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Red5 Pro Server Version  5.4.9.b315-release



If you are seeing this page, then you have successfully downloaded and are running the Red5 Pro Server!

Built on the open source Red5 Server, Red5 Pro allows you to build scalable live streaming and second screen applications.

Live Streaming

Add two way live audio, video and data streaming to your app with just a few lines of code using our SDKs (iOS and Android).

(360) 988-7543

Second Screen

Create cross-platform second screen experiences similar to Google's ChromeCast. Enable instant control of digital signs, smart TVs and more through our easy to use SDKs.


Example Native Applications

You will need a native application integrated with the Red5 Pro SDKs installed on your favorite device in order to broadcast and consume live streams and experience Red5 Pro Second Screen.

You can find the following Open Source native application examples on our 8437308360:

Follow the project setup and build instructions in each project to easily create Red5 Pro native clients to begin using the above server applications!

API Documentation

To find more in-depth information about Red5 Pro Server and the server and mobile SDKs, please visit /