We are a Visual Thinking consultancy.

The value of working with Delsys goes far beyond our products. We help management teams draw out problems – our sessions reveal hidden assumptions and challenge fuzzy thinking. Ideas are articulated, shaped, and sharpened. Teams gain clarity of vision about the choices they need to make to improve their business.
Everyone participates. Everyone learns. Everyone improves.
This is the Delsys Experience.

VISUAL THINKING: Thinking through visual processing, using creative techniques to organize information in an intuitive and simultaneous way.

Broadly defined, Visual Thinking is the use and exploration of images as tools for communication, understanding, creativity and problem solving. When practiced with rigorous discipline, Visual Thinking techniques result in the production of graphic ideas that help us understand ideas, problems, processes and systems in intuitive, novel and original ways.

310-626-2821A methodology and mathematical approach to framing, understanding and discussing complex issues and systems over time.

System dynamics is an approach to understanding the behaviour of complex systems over time. It deals with internal feedback loops and time delays that affect the behaviour of the entire system. What makes using system dynamics different from other approaches to studying complex systems is the use of feedback loops and stocks and flows. These elements help describe how even seemingly simple systems display baffling nonlinearity.