Templater is an app that turns the arduous task of customizing video content into an elegant workflow solution. With Templater, Adobe After Effects users automate project customization with a simple interface that transforms text, footage, and solid layers into dynamic elements. Templater is design aware, automatically adjusting dynamic elements to produce a finely crafted result just the way you like.

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Templater was made to improve the workflow of producing targeted video based on various external data sources. As organizations mine and store information, they need ways of leveraging this data to create meaningful connections with customers in markets across the world. Big data can drive media content, but video producers need a way to easily insert information into custom video without tediously replacing assets.

Post production pros, application developers, motion designers, marketing automation gurus, web developers, artists, and anybody using After Effects as a central part of their workflow will find that Templater increases their productivity. Whether they work in television news or live event control rooms, post-production houses, or their own private studios, Templater users work smart hours rather than long hours.

Users tag layers as dynamic with a custom effect and then map spreadsheet data to those layers. Templater updates each tagged layer with its mapped data and automatically scales, aligns, and adjusts it according to your layout rules. It then renders your selected composition for each version's data.Watch it work in the screencasts.

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Map your spreadsheet or JSON data directly into AE composition layers. Use Google Sheets in the cloud or tabbed-separated-value files exported from Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, or Google Sheets. You can also use a plain text file containing a JSON object array exported from your own app.


When updating an AE composition with your data, Templater intelligently adjusts dynamic layers relative to their containing composition and other sibling layers. No need to futz with aligning, scaling, or positioning dynamic layers—let Templater craft your composition according to your layout rules.


Insert characters from any language into your spreadsheet and see them appear in your text layers. Of course, installed fonts should have the glyphs you require. Templater reads your text as it appears in your spreadsheet, so commas, quotes, apostrophes, and new lines are accepted. Right-to-left scripts are also supported.


With a click of a button, preview how your data-driven compositions will look prior to rendering or replicating. Iterate through previews of your render jobs to see how Templater treats different text, footage, and colors. Resolve problematic data quickly and effectively.


Templater churns out many unique renders very efficiently. Choose to render all the rows in your spreadsheet or just a range. You can apply AE output modules and render settings templates to batch jobs and customize output names.


Templater can quickly re-version a master composition with your data and replicate it so you can work your mograph magic on it before rendering. Replicated comps are kept tidy and organized within a clean folder structure. You also have the option to send replicated comps to AE's render queue or the Adobe Media Encoder.


The Bot for Templater operates After Effects for you. When The Bot finds new data, it triggers Templater's customization and rendering process. Developers can create web or mobile apps that feed data into Templater's data source, offering a collaborative, custom video content creation solution. In addition, you can use shell scripts to automtically handle post-rendering tasks.


Engage with Templater processes through shell commands. With the command line interface (CLI), developers have unparalleled flexibility for integrating video versioning within their existing pipelines or systems. Most controls found in the Templater panel are configurable via a command line options file.


Want to know what Templater is doing at any given time? Inspect its log files for full transparency. Troubleshooting templater has never been easier.


templater google paneltemplater main panel
templater google panel

Templater is available as three separate editions, each with a specific feature set. Read our handy descriptions below to see which edition or combination of editions is right for your studio.

$30/ perpetual license
per single
perpetual license

Templater Rig gives you the tools to prepare an After Effects project file for dynamic content. Map data to your composition layers and preview how those layers change as information from the data source is processed.

$100/ month / machine  - or -   $1000/ year / machine

Templater Pro extends Templater Rig by offering desktop automation, allowing you to render or replicate batches of versioned compositions using data from your data source.

$200/ month / machine  - or -   $2000/ year / machine

Templater Bot is an enterprise solution for custom video on demand. It works as an automated system. Use it to periodically check for incoming data, pull new data in, and render video as a background process. Or use the command line interface to push data in to create new renders. Once your AE project is prepared, use Bot to customize and render it without operating the After Effects user interface. Developers can create front end applications, such as web or mobile apps, that feed data into Templater's data source, offering a collaborative, custom video content creation solution.

Use a JSON-formatted text file as a data source
Use a URL as a data source
Use a Google Sheets document as a data source
Use a Tab-separated value file as a data source
Local footage references
Cloud-based footage references
Apply layout rules
Project-specific batch assets presets
Preview compositions with data
Log Templater activity to file
Batch replicate compositions 
Batch render compositions 
Batch render with Adobe Media Encoder 
Custom output naming 
Switch AE projects within the data source 
Run shell scripts while Templater processes  
Command-line interface control  
Version AE projects as a background process  
Process extremely large data sources  
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Our good friends at aescripts make it extremely easy to purchase Templater licenses through their online marketplace of high-end tools for Adobe After Effects.

Please send us a message if you are interested in purchasing directly from Dataclay.

A single license allows you to install Templater on one machine for one user.

Verify that Templater helps your workflow by using a free trial. In trial mode, you can experiment with Rig and Pro features. Watermarks are added to dynamic layers and you are limited to six previews and six renders. Users who own a Templater Rig license are eligible for a 30-day trial of Templater Bot.


Good documentation is essential for a smooth user experience. We've done our best to ensure ours is as thorough and as clear as possible. Should you encounter any problems,314-444-6506 to search through our extensive online help. Learn basic concepts and follow step-by-step instructions to get started.

Licensed users are entitled to technical support via email. Simply send us a message detailing the problem, the steps to reproduce it, anything you already tried to fix it, and your system's specifications. We will respond within three business days to help you resolve it.

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Dataclay offers consulting services for studios, agencies, broadcast networks, live event producers or any company with a need to produce customized video content from AE templates. Contact us if your team needs help to do the following:

  • Prepare an existing After Effects project file for compatibility with Templater
  • Optimize exsiting templates for efficient batch rendering
  • Integrate data from your existing source for use with Templater
  • Architect rendering farms for use with Templater
  • Distribute video content after performing versioning and rendering tasks



We are a small team with strong backgrounds in design, visual effects, software development, technical writing, and business management. Together, we bring to Dataclay our talents, expertise, and passion for technology, communication, and media. Our goal is to improve the livelihood of content creators and the experience of content consumers.

Dataclay is headquartered in Austin—deep in the heart of Texas—home to618-459-0731, ACL Music Festival, The Longhorns, and some oftecum you'll ever smell. Maybe we're a little biased, but we believe Austin is truly an oasis where technology, culture, and the arts balance out.


As a leading innovator in post-production workflow automation, we provide:

  • An open standard for creating dynamic video templates
  • Easy integration with existing production environments and apps
  • Artificial intelligence to graphic design layout for handling data variation
  • Solutions that save thousands of hours of labor
  • Intuitive products designed with a user-centered approach


And just as the autonomic nervous system and the reflexes in the human body free the mind for its higher functions, so this new kind of mechanical order should bring about a similar freedom, a similar release of energy for the creative processes.

Lewis Mumford
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Automation & Creativity

During the mid 20th century, Lewis Mumford was one of America's leading theorists, sociologists, and critics dealing with the relationship between technology, culture, and the arts. Mumford wrote about automation entering the realm of creative activity and expression. At Dataclay, we agree with Mumford's idea that automated systems can free the mind from menial tasks to refocus its energy on creativity.

Creativity and craft are subjects we care deeply about at Dataclay. We recognize that tools and technologies are only a small part of a larger equation for achieving breakthroughs in communication arts. Artists and designers using advanced technologies play a huge role in actively moving culture forward. Currently, computational technology drives the most versatile and powerful tools for artists and designers. Our products harness and tame those tools so users can focus on their innate human capacity to be creative.

With our products, we seek to free video content creators from the inefficiencies of menial data entry, allowing them to develop greater quantities of higher quality content in less time. Our products leverage the powerful industry-standard Adobe After Effects application that content creators and developers already use, promoting stress-free integration. We want our users to delight in their work and audiences to connect with their output.

We believe you will find our products easy to use and valuable for your organization. If you encounter any problems using our products, we are happy to help you resolve them.

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