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Why Peso-based

Growing Markert

Philiipine Market is growing form 5.7 ~6.9% for last 4 years.

Smartphone user

Mobile penetration rate of 110%, smartphone penetration rate 87%.


Goverment-led infrastructure anmd infrastructure improvement project active.


Features of PHPT usecases and processes

About Us

PHPT, We are the team of the first Peso exchangable Cryptocurrency.

The PHPT Platform is comprised of a company that issues PHPT,
a company that manages deposits and withdrawals, and a trusted external audit facility (including government agencies) that audits the entire process.
The PHPT issuer manages technology development and security,
PHPT guarantee funds, and the deposit and withdrawal management company regularly manages deposit and withdrawal of pesos and audits of external audit institutions.

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Road Map

The Peso based cryptocurrency, the future-oriented

PHPT Platform Planning

Investment Promotion Progress

PHPT Platform Development

PHPT Platform service beta open (Digital PHP Wallet Service)

Philippine Money Exchange Wallet Interlock

ATM Deposit and withdrawal interlock


Global Blockchain Specialists

Yong-Moon Kim


Kyoung Sun Ryu


Dong Il Eom




Young Jin Lee

Web designer Team Manager

Yun Tae Rh

Frontend Developer

Eung Seok Wang(DGE)

Security Manager

Sang Yoon Lee(DGE)

Platform Development Team Section Manager

Young Shim Cha(DGE)

Frontend Developer

Seong Uk Choi(Zeus)

Project Manager

Young Gil Ham(ZEUZ)

Development Team Manager

Phil Jong Kim(ZEUS)

Frontend Developer

Hyun Ki Pyo

Game Planning Manager

Sung Hee Noh

Cypto Planning Team Assistant Manager

Sang Il Han


Kun Sik Song

Web Programmer

Dae Young Lee

Client Programmer & App developer

Jae Guek Hong

Web Designer & Character Designer

Ban Seok Jung

Crypto Planning Team Assistant Manager

Ahreum Han

Crypto Planning Team Assistant Manager

Zhang Xiaowei

Crypto Planning Team Assistant Manager

Xian Li

Crypto Planning Team Assistant Manager

Nam Kyu Choi(ZEUS)


Jong Hee Park(ZEUS)


Seo Woo Lee

Payment Managing Director

Kyoung Min Kim

Payment Managing director

Kwong Soo Kim

Lead Block chain Developer

Sang Hee Yoon

Platform Planning Manager

Sung Hwan Kim

Development Team Manager

Hyeong Seok Kim

Managing Director


Hoon Baik

Director at Hoon Creative

Young Suk Hwang

Former Vice-president at IBK


Global companies associated with PHPT